Excellence in Legal Service for over 35 Years . . .

Our Elder Law and Medicaid Planning practice group focuses on the legal needs of the elderly.  We help our clients to plan for their long-term care needs, and develop comprehensive plans that enable clients to preserve assets and qualify for Medicaid benefits. 

Assisting our clients with their businesses, whether they be corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, limited partnerships, sole proprietorships, or otherwise, constitutes a significant portion of our practice. From business formation through dissolution, and all aspects in between, we draw upon our many areas of expertise to fully serve our clients.


The tax planning portion of our practice is fundamental, and springs from essentially every area of practice in our firm.  Inevitably, most major decisions that our clients encounter have tax consequences, whether it is starting their own business, transferring wealth to the next generation, estate planning, protecting their assets, or serving as a fiduciary for someone else’s estate or trust.